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September 5, 2013

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions about the following events, please let me or one of the trainers know.Sept.9 - Paleo Challenge Meeting (7:45pm)Sept.14 - Body Composition Tests ($25 to sign-up)Sept.14 - D-Town Throwdown (we have 2 team in, come cheer them on!)Sept.16 - Paleo Challenge starts!Sept.17 - Heart & Stroke Big Bike Ride (We need 30 people to ride it. $50 in sponsors must be raised. Grab a sheet from one of the trainers. Leaving from City Hall at 6:30pm)Sept.21 - CFM goes to Tree-Go! Sign up on the whiteboard at the gym.Sept.28-29 - Oly-WOD seminar.Oct.5-6 - Kinetics Fall ClassicOct.26 - CrossFit Moncton Halloween Party!Nov.2 - Maritime Mayhem8 rounds30 sec Handstand Hold20 Double UndersCompare to Jan.28/13.[caption id="attachment_10733" align="alignnone" width="300"]

Weighted rowing??

Weighted rowing??[/caption]

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