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April 14, 2013

You know you're a CrossFitter when...

…you don’t own a tractor but you own tractor tires.…helping people move turns into a metcon WOD.…every time you go to Home Depot, you are looking for the exercise potential of equipment rather than stuff for your home.…you go to buy a swiss ball, and the salesperson goes into their spiel about the comfortable feel of the rubber and how easy it is on your back for doing crunches, and you interrupt them and ask, “Ya…but how much will it weigh when I fill it full of sand?”…when you pick your cubicle at work because of it’s hand-stand practice potential.…when you get married, you register at Rogue Fitness.…your steering wheel and radio controls are covered in chalk……when you think it’s cool your wife/gf is purposefully scraping her hands with a cheese-grater implement.…when you laugh at almost all the exercises normal people say they do at the gym.…when you wake up at 5am to do an 8 minute workout.…you can tell a woman she has a great snatch and not get slapped.…the first Japanese word that comes into your mind is Tabata…you constantly drag your kids to the playground then challenge them to various monkey bar races.…a holiday is just an opportunity to get that glamourous handstand photo backdrop…your shins have more scrapes than a twelve year old boy.…CrossFit t-shirts dominate your wardrobe.…the words Snatch and Jerk have lost there comedic value, but farting while deadlifting has not.…pain is a relative term.…you have posted pictures of yourself working out on Facebook.…you have an appreciation for the sweat angels you leave on the floor.…you consider other CrossFitters family.…you start doing common household tasks “for time”…you can go home and tell your wife you did Jackie, Helen, Fran etc.. this afternoon and not get in trouble.…you’re a man and own knee socks.Can you add anything to this list?"Modified Helen"3 rounds of:50 Lunges21 Kettlebell Swings12 PullupsCompare to April 19/10.[caption id="attachment_9313" align="alignnone" width="262"]

Some post-wod carbs?

Some post-wod carbs?[/caption]

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