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March 2, 2020

Group 4 testing

Flexibility Test -Hold the bottom of a squat for up to 5 minutes. If you need assistance, you can hold a post. -If test was previously completed, you can work on upper level flexibility tests (wall squats, etc.)Core and Coordination Test -150 single unders and Tabata situps for 7 reps is the first testing point. -25 UB Doubles and 10 strict K2E in 60 sec is the next testing point.-40 UB Doubles and Tabata situps for 11 reps is the last testing point before attempting Annie.Kettlebell Test-EMOM for 10 min - 24/22 Russian KBS @ 50/25#-EMOM for 10 min - 24/22 One-Arm Russian KBS @ 50/35#Mel

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