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July 13, 2015

How to stop taking so many breaks….and why it’s important

You just finished a grinder of a workout and yell time. But you’re not happy. You took too many breaks and you know you could have pushed harder. But you’re not sure how. We’ll you’re in luck that you come to CrossFit Moncton because we have the plan for you!Pro Tip #1 - Scale appropriately. I know, you want the Rx beside your name. But that shouldn’t be your goal. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. The order should be Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. And intensity can be measured in pounds. Too many pounds on the bar = lower intensity workout. Bring the weight down = higher intensity = better results. And it’s not just weight that can be scaled. Bringing movements down to your level will also help. Sure, you can do 5 pull-ups in a row, but how about the 100 in Angie? Trust me, you’ll be spending more time staring at the bar than doing pull-ups. A lot more! So bring it down to ring rows so you can keep the intensity high. (insert obligatory ‘leave your ego at the door’ comment here)Pro Tip #2 - Have a plan. Don’t stop when you ‘feel’ like it. Break your movements into specific sets and stick with it. Twenty-one thrusters in a row not likely to happen? Then break it into 12+9 or 8+7+6. Not having a plan is a plan for failure. Once you have your sets planned out, make a plan for your rest intervals as well. Count 5 breaths. Or wait 10 seconds. Don’t just start when you feel like (because no one EVER feels like picking up the bar again during Fran). Pro Tip #3 - Practice. The workout calls for 150 double unders, but you have only done 7…ever. There’s going to be a lot of breaks…and swearing. You need to put in the time and practice. We have Open Gym Booklets ready for you to use, so get moving!As previously mentioned, by following these pro tips, you will keep your intensity higher. And over time, you will develop the capacity to maintain a higher output during workouts. Then you can be the next Rich or Camille...or fittest on your street at least.“Kelly”5 rounds400m Run30 Wall ball30 Box jump*40 min time capCompare to July 23/14By the way, the Hopper is THIS WEEKEND!![vimeo=]

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